Bad Daddy Golf

You Got What It Takes?

Be a Bad Daddy Ambassador!

Make sure you read and complete the steps below.

  • Post a photo(s) of you using/holding a Bad Daddy grip or wearing a Bad Daddy hat!
  • Make sure you tag at least one (1) other person and @BadDaddyGolf
  • Include the hashtags #PlayBad and #BadDaddyGolf on Instagram and/or Tik Tok.
  • Getting 4,672,000 likes on said photo will not hurt your chances of being selected.
  • Use Coupon Code BADDADDYAMBASSADOR for $12.32 off if you need to buy one something for your pic. (It only works once)
  • If you can’t buy anything right now because you’re broke, we get it. We were dead broke in College as well, with the exception of our buddy Big Nasty who was a 432 pound male stripper. Just kidding. He was 432 pounds… he was not a male stripper, but he was rich (Lots of stories with that guy). 

If you don’t have anything Bad Daddy right now (That’s unfortunate), still upload a photo of you that personifies your personality (do the tagging and hashtag).  That would be really cool. Like really cool. 

Show us you’re a Bad Daddy – For extra credits … make an ultra-creative video showing us why you should be chosen as a Bad Daddy Ambassador!

  • We’ll be checking your posts before your application!
  • Attach the links to your social post in the application

6 + 14 =

Once you click “get started”, that’s it .. No “do-overs” so get your posts done, save the links and then do the application!