The Dirky Diggle


As soon as you grab hold of a Dirky Diggle putter grip, your life will never be the same!

“Voted Best Putter Grip by Jack Horner and Marky Ballberg”

As soon as you grab hold of a Dirky Diggle putter grip, your life will never be the same. One… you’ll automatically be asked to sit at the 2nd coolest kid lunch table at school. Two… you’ll immediately become better looking. You know how a guy that plays a guitar is automatically better looking and just more awesome because he plays a guitar? This is very similar. When another golfer sees you holding a Dirky Diggle grip, your cool factor goes up 7 fold. Maybe 8, but doubtful. They’ll also forget that you’re wearing khaki pleated pants and a solid white golf shirt. Guys will want to be you. Girls will want to date you. If you’re a girl holding a Dirky Diggle grip, other girls will hate you and every guy will want to watch Boogie Nights with you on the first date.

The size and texture of the Dirky Diggle is perfect for reducing grip pressure. What pressure you do have, is distributed evenly. This keeps the hands silent. What does this do? You guessed it. You’ll 3 putt consistently. You might even 1 putt sometimes. We know. This is a game-changer.

The front side of the Dirky Diggle is flat. This creates consistency with hand placement. Even if you putt with that goofy claw grip, your hands and fingers will automatically go to the same spot each and every time you putt. Apparently, consistency is good in golf. We don’t play golf, but that’s what we’ve heard from some golfers. Finally, the Bad Daddy logo is perfectly aligned down the grip for even more hand placement consistency. We have no idea how this happened during the design process, but it did and it’s fantastic.


  • Weight - 59 Grams
  • Length - 10.62 Inches
  • End Cap Diameter - 1.38 Inches


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