The Rod 1.0


“Voted Best Putter Grip by Green Lawn and Oil Change Magazine”

As soon as you grab hold of the Rod 1.0 Bad Daddy putter grip, you’ll want to grab a vodka topo with a splash of cranberry. Why? Here’s why…. There’s a 297% chance (That’s not a typo) you’re going to kick the sh*t out of your buddies in your next skins game. For real. Just ask us. Might as well start the celebration before the round.

Boring grip companies call this similar type of grip the “Pistol.” Whatever. Anyhoo, the Rod has the arc near your top hand to aid in hand position for a more consistent grip. The arc has the perfect amount of bend. A bent rod is usually not a great thing. However, in this situation, it is perfectly awesome. The Rod also has this non-slip poly stuff that can withstand any weather conditions. Your hands will never slip. Even if you have Palmar Hyperhidrosis (We used our google right there), you won’t have slippage. Actually, ALL our grips are made with this poly wiz waz.


  • Weight - 83 Grams
  • Length - 10.5 Inches
  • End Cap Diameter - 1.09 - 1.225 Inches


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